ezETC (測速照相、道路影像、即時路況、eTag查詢、油價資訊、停車費查詢) v APK Download New Version

ezETC (測速照相、道路影像、即時路況、eTag查詢、油價資訊、停車費查詢) v APK Download New Version

App Information of ezETC (測速照相、道路影像、即時路況、eTag查詢、油價資訊、停車費查詢)

App Name ezETC (測速照相、道路影像、即時路況、eTag查詢、油價資訊、停車費查詢) v
Genre Auto & Vehicles, Games
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Package Namecom.iknow99.ezetc

Description of ezETC (測速照相、道路影像、即時路況、eTag查詢、油價資訊、停車費查詢)

ezETC方便您掌握高速公路電子收費資訊(ETC),並提供國道即時路況、油價資訊等服務。您的行車大小事,一個ezETC APP就足夠~

ETC 餘額查詢及明細查詢管理,幫助您瞭解每一次的扣款紀錄,不需要繁瑣的流程,只要加入車輛後,按下主頁右上角的 “餘額查詢” 更新按鈕,即可搞定ETC 帳戶管理。

【全新功能】- 讓您輕鬆掌握行車大小事
◎ 資訊面板 : 整合所有的資訊服務功能,一頁全搞定!
◎ 測速照相: 可以自動偵測並提醒路線前方有測速照相機(固定式、移動式、區間測速)
◎ 動態路況: 自動定位顯示您所在的即時路況,不需任何設定,讓您輕鬆掌握當前與接續路段的路況。
◎ 油價資訊 : 完整中油、台塑各類油品最新價格,以及未來油價預測。
◎ 即時路況 : 自動記憶您選擇交流道起迄點,輕鬆掌握其各路段車速情形。
◎ 規費查詢 : 整合各縣市停車、罰單查詢服務。

◎ 幫您將明細紀錄儲存在手機,隨時可看,並且可記錄明細內容。
◎ ETC輕鬆繳費,可生成超商繳費條碼、或線上刷卡儲值。
◎ 清楚瞭解帳戶內容。
◎ 多台車輛同時查詢。
◎ 一鍵搞定所有車輛餘額查詢。
◎ 明細, 餘額不足, 欠費通知。
◎ 里程試算
◎ 高速公路即時路況

◎ 偵測測速點位需要精確的位置資訊,防止產生警示誤報,因此本APP需要使用您GPS精確定位權限。
◎ 本APP支援背景模式,在您使用導航功能時,本APP則會在背景模式繼續存取您的位置資訊,以使用定位功能資訊,提醒您附近測速點位位置。
◎ 本APP提供備份還原功能,需要將檔案備份於裝置的共享檔案目錄,因此需要您允許存取檔案權限。
◎ 收集個人裝置資訊,僅供於開啟相關功能時使用,若無取得您的同意,或法令規範要求,本APP不會將您的個人資料提供、出借或出售給任何第三方或移作他用。

◎ 本App不是遠通電收官方查詢程式。
ezETC makes it easy for you to master highway electronic toll information (ETC), and provides services such as real-time road conditions and fuel price information on national highways. For your driving, one ezETC APP is enough~

ETC balance inquiry and detailed inquiry management help you understand each deduction record without cumbersome procedures. Just add the vehicle and press the “Balance Inquiry” update button on the upper right corner of the homepage to complete the ETC account management.

[New function]-Let you easily master the big and small things of driving
◎ Information panel: Integrate all information service functions, one page is complete!
◎ Speed ​​camera: It can automatically detect and remind that there is a speed camera in front of the route (fixed, mobile, interval speed measurement)
◎ Dynamic road conditions: Automatically locate and display the real-time road conditions you are on, without any settings, allowing you to easily grasp the current and subsequent road conditions.
◎ Oil price information: Complete the latest prices of various oil products of PetroChina and Formosa Plastics, as well as future oil price forecasts.
◎ Real-time road conditions: Automatically remember the starting and ending points of the interchange you choose, and easily grasp the speed of each section of the road.
◎ Fee inquiry: Integrate parking and ticket inquiry services in all counties and cities.

◎ Help you store the detailed records on your mobile phone, which can be viewed at any time, and the detailed content can be recorded.
◎ ETC easy payment, can generate super merchant payment barcode, or online credit card to store value.
◎ Clearly understand the contents of the account.
◎ Inquiry of multiple vehicles at the same time.
◎ One-click to get all vehicle balance inquiries.
◎ Details, insufficient balance, notice of arrears.
◎ Mileage trial calculation
◎ Real-time highway conditions

◎ Accurate location information is required to detect speed measurement points to prevent false alarms. Therefore, this APP needs to use your GPS to accurately locate permissions.
◎ This APP supports the background mode. When you use the navigation function, the APP will continue to access your location information in the background mode to use the positioning function information to remind you of the location of nearby speed measurement points.
◎ This APP provides a backup and restore function. Files need to be backed up in the shared file directory of the device, so you need to allow access to the files.
◎ Collect personal device information for use only when opening related functions. Without your consent or legal requirements, this APP will not provide, lend or sell your personal data to any third party or use it for other purposes. .

◎ This App is not the official inquiry program of Yuantong Telecom.

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