Download 香港經濟日報 – 財經、地產、時事、TOPick生活 v APK For Android

Download 香港經濟日報 – 財經、地產、時事、TOPick生活 v APK For Android

App Information of 香港經濟日報 - 財經、地產、時事、TOPick生活

App Name 香港經濟日報 - 財經、地產、時事、TOPick生活 v
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Description of 香港經濟日報 - 財經、地產、時事、TOPick生活

《香港經濟日報》hket App為你提供最準、最快、最齊的財經、地產、時事社會新聞及生活資訊,全日24小時不斷更新,助你掌握即時本地、中國、環球經濟、金融財經消息、恒生指數、股價走勢變動、新股IPO資訊,業績公布、追揸沽策略、名家專家分析、投資理財知識、地產樓市走勢、新盤、二手成交消息;為你搜羅全港18區筍盤,追蹤時事社會新聞動態、焦點家庭、健康、親子及娛樂資訊。

培育Band 1子女教育升學資訊、湊仔百科全書、小學試題;

『港股報價 組合表現追蹤』

『hket tv獨家視頻』
最新金融行情、市場焦點熱話、投資策略部署、專家即時解答問股,逢港股交易日直播 ;



hket 投資︰個股追蹤板塊透視,緊貼熱門話題,即時深入分析市場拆局;
hket 名家︰滙聚財金猛人專訪及專欄,網羅中外大行研究報告;
hket 知識︰7大範疇財金知識,組圖詞彙解說;
hket 報章︰文字版閱讀全份《香港經濟日報》報章內容及隨報2本周刊《投資理財周刊》及《置業家居》;

書籤全互通:為喜愛的文章加入書籤,方便日後翻閱。所有書籤可以跟桌面電腦版及電子報 App 互通使用。
“Hong Kong Economic Times” hket App provides you with the most accurate, fastest and most complete financial, real estate, current affairs, social news and life information. It is continuously updated 24 hours a day to help you grasp real-time local, Chinese, global economic, financial and financial news , Hang Seng Index, stock price changes, new stock IPO information, performance announcements, chasing strategies, expert analysis, investment and wealth management knowledge, real estate market trends, new listings, and second-hand transaction news; collect and follow up the 18 districts of Hong Kong for you Current affairs, social news, focus family, health, parent-child and entertainment information.

“Finance, real estate, current affairs and life information”
Local, Chinese, and global macroeconomics, data analysis and interpretation;
Real-time financial and financial news, new economic stocks, current stocks, growth stocks, value stocks, potential stocks, new stock IPOs, performance announcements, major bank reports, sector comparisons, pursuit strategies;
Changes in the Hang Seng Index and stock price trends;
China-US situation, China-US relations, Greater Bay Area, ESG information, investment and financial management knowledge;
Real estate market trends, new listings, and second-hand transaction news, including all 18 districts in Hong Kong;
Current affairs and social news;
Family, health, parent-child and entertainment information;
Cultivate Band 1 children’s education and advancement information, Cou Tsai Encyclopedia, and elementary school test questions;
24 hours a day continuously;
The most accurate, fastest, most complete, most essential, easy to read and easy to understand;

“Hong Kong Stocks Quotes Portfolio Performance Tracking”
Real-time quotation, mobile phone to receive “important news”, “price/transaction notification” of favorite stocks, and monitor stock changes at any time;
One-click to view “quotation”, “news”, “performance report”, “government policy”, “big bank report”, “sector comparison” to help you make decisions;
Easy to watch and easy to use, earning and losing results at a glance;

“Hket tv exclusive video”
Experts have insightful analysis and insights, all in the hket finance station, real estate station, family station, and health station;
The latest financial quotations, market focus hot talk, investment strategy deployment, experts answer questions about stocks in real time, live broadcast on Hong Kong stock trading days;
CouZi encyclopedia, star-chasing interviews, health consultations, cooking skills are delivered regularly;

“Practical financial management tools”
Practical tools such as new IPO, deposit interest rate, property press calculator, car guide, health self-cultivation device, elementary school test questions, etc., to fully take care of your investment, financial management and life needs

“Personalized Zone”
Member area: provide member surprise offers, gifts and exclusive activities;
E-books: popular topic e-books, including investment and financial management, real estate and property market and life encyclopedia;
Self-selected news topic content: add personally interested news topic content for faster and easier access

Subscriber exclusive “Pay Zone”
hket investment: individual stock tracking sector perspective, keep abreast of hot topics, and in-depth analysis of market dismantling in real time;
hket Masters: Gathering interviews and special columns of wealthy people, including research reports of major domestic and foreign companies;
hket knowledge: 7 major categories of financial knowledge, picture vocabulary explanation;
hket newspaper: The text version reads the entire contents of the “Hong Kong Economic Times” newspaper and accompanying newspapers 2 this week’s “Investment and Wealth Management Weekly” and “Home Home Furnishing”;

『Intimate function』
Low bandwidth mode: Save mobile network data and read pure text information at extremely high speed.
Night mode: According to the reading environment, you can switch between “day” or “night” mode at any time to enjoy the best reading experience.
Bookmarks are fully interoperable: Add bookmarks to favorite articles for easy reading in the future. All bookmarks can be used interchangeably with the desktop computer version and the newsletter App.
1. 修正Android 11, 12 閱讀文章問題
2. 新聞升級:更新標示,邊隻股票有消息更新,一目了然
3. 搜尋升級:新聞、影片、股價,一次過畀你
4. 報價升級:股票賺蝕,一撳話你知
5. 用戶意見修正

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