天涯幻夢|四大新職業驕狂上線 v2.0.1 APK For Android

天涯幻夢|四大新職業驕狂上線 v2.0.1 APK For Android

App Information of 天涯幻夢|四大新職業驕狂上線

App Name 天涯幻夢|四大新職業驕狂上線 v2.0.1
Genre Games, Role Playing
Size145.6 MB
Latest Version2.0.1
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Package Namecom.gacraze.xmqy
Rating ( 19867 )

Description of 天涯幻夢|四大新職業驕狂上線






*Android 5.0 或以上版本
*處理器:2.0GHz 以上



客服問題請至遊戲左上角點選”G”浮標聯繫我們,或來信:[email protected]

[I want this day, I can’t hold my soul! 】
The Great Sage is back! A new chapter in the epic battle of Buddha and Demons!
“The Great Sage, Long Ji” demonizes and explodes blood, gorgeous dark attacks!
“Ki Zang, Di Shi” Sanskrit sound descends from the devil, the bonus damage is not the Buddha!
“Painless Transfer” equipment attributes are automatically converted, and the piano, stick, sword and pestle can be switched at will!

【I want all the demons, they will all disappear! 】
Bring your brothers to defeat the demons and fight the fiercest battle!
“The Peak Showdown” is led by the alliance! A limited time cross-server alliance battle, thousands of people fight together!
“War Soul Warriors” will unlock the potential of war soul for a limited time! Soul bone reborn combat power soars!
“Soul Demon Mountain” is waiting for a copy of the entire league! Mengxin is uncomfortable? Just hold your thighs!

【I want to reincarnate, I cannot break my love! 】
He, he or she, she can finally get married!
“Undifferentiated Social” is an extraordinary fairy companion system, where both the same sex and the opposite sex can become attached to each other!
“Yao Chi Encounter” Multi-person mixed bathing and chatting, chatting and socializing instantly!
“Yue Lao Temple” guarantees the most effective! I’m not afraid that no one loves me, I’m afraid you don’t love me, sister!
“Complete Love” Confession>Aitang>Giving birth to a child, the heartbeat process can’t stop!

【I want heaven, there is nothing I can do! 】
Extremely sophisticated ancient system to cultivate immortals, multiple systems change their lives against the sky!
“Linggen Cultivation” complete the cultivation process and experience the most exquisite road to immortality!
“Offline meditation” You can set up cultivating immortals when you go to work, and you will have all meridians after get off work! Fighting power burst!
“Tian Wai Shen Gong” Randomly encounter kungfu merchants and practice hidden martial arts skills!

[I want sentient beings, all follow my orders! 】
The fairy road is long, and the spirits and spirits are all cute friends who are fighting together!
“Lovely pets are in power” cute cats, milk and dogs are the most adorable fairy pets! A wave of the cat’s palm hurts the sky!
“Hatch Kundan” Dozens of pets hatch randomly! Ordinary eggs can also hatch true red favorites!
“Pet Bonds” cute pets link new bonds! Activate the potential to share a million combat power!

Minimum system requirements:
*Android 5.0 or above
*Processor: above 2.0GHz
*Memory: 2GB
*Available storage space: 5GB reserved

Please allow the relevant save permissions in order to fully utilize the features of this game.
“Storage” is used to store game data and save services related to game data.

*This game is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
*This game is free to download and contains some paid content.
*Don’t use it continuously for a long time and imitate it improperly, pay attention to rest.

[Contact Us]
Facebook fan page:
For customer service questions, please click on the “G” buoy in the upper left corner of the game to contact us, or write to: [email protected]
– 新增四大職業:地藏、帝釋、悟空、龍姬
– 新增神機裝備
– 新增日常副本:養龍寺
– 新增養龍玩法:幻世燭龍
– 新增尋寶:巨龍寶藏
– 新增新披風形象
– 新增更高階位的神體裝備及技能
– 新增修仙修魔玩法
– 新增幻彩、粉色圖鑒
– 新增牛角異化鯤

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