ゼブラック – ジャンプから異世界モノまで毎日読める! v APK Download Latest Version

ゼブラック – ジャンプから異世界モノまで毎日読める! v APK Download Latest Version

App Information of ゼブラック - ジャンプから異世界モノまで毎日読める!

App Name ゼブラック - ジャンプから異世界モノまで毎日読める! v
Genre Apps, Comics
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Package Namecom.zebrack

Description of ゼブラック - ジャンプから異世界モノまで毎日読める!


-NARUTO -ナルト-




・購読対象雑誌:購読期間内に発行される「ジャンプSQ.」と「ジャンプSQ. RISE」
・購読開始時対象雑誌:課金時点の「ジャンプSQ.」最新号と「ジャンプSQ. RISE」最新号
・登録中の有効期間が終了する24時間前までに、Apple ID(iTunesアカウント)の自動課金登録をキャンセルしていただくことで、次回以降の自動課金を停止することができます。本アプリ内には停止機能はございませんのでご注意ください。
・定期購読の更新時(自動課金時)に、お客様のお支払い方法に問題があった場合や、Apple側のシステムの不具合などで自動決済がおこなわれなかった場合、定期購読の利用はApple側で解約/停止されます。定期購読の有効期間が終了している場合は、お支払い方法(クレジットカードのご利用限度額/有効期限や、iTunes Cardの残高など)をご確認の上、再度本アプリ内にて定期購読にご登録ください。再度定期購読にご登録いただいた日が新たな起算日となります。
※定期購読はお客様がApp Storeにおいて停止手続きをされるまで、購読期間単位で自動的に更新課金されます
・プライバシーポリシー https://www2.shueisha.co.jp/privacy/privacy.html
・利用規約 https://zebrack-comic.com/static/terms_of_service.html
◆First download benefit◆
Get free points for up to 15 episodes!

●You can read one episode every day for free!
Popular manga, including works in the Weekly Shonen Jump series, can be read for free using tickets!
Tickets will be charged 23 hours after each work is viewed, so be sure to read many favorite manga every day at the same time!
▽Example of target works
-World Trigger
-Kaguya wants to tell you-Genius’s love brain battle-
-Here is ethics.

● Enhanced product lineup! The latest volume will be released soon!
Over 18,000 comic books distributed (as of December 3)
Streaming trending works that have been the subject of animation and filming!
Many of the latest volumes and paper editions are released at the same time!
Not only manga but also novel!
Read your favorite books anytime, anywhere! !!

● You can find stories, volumes, magazines and your favorite way of enjoying!
Zebrak not only offers books but also
We also offer “reading stories” by dividing manga into stories.
“Reading story” that you can easily rent using points and tickets,
You can collect it on the bookshelf and read it back at any time.
“Magazine reading”, where you can follow the latest story in the series
You can find the way to enjoy that suits you.
▽Distribution magazine
-Weekly Shonen Jump
-Jump GIGA
-young Jump
-Ultra Jump
-Grand jump

● You can support your favorite works!
Zebrak has a function that allows you to share customer feedback about the work.
I read a book and post my excitement as a “review”,
You can show off such hints that you noticed by reading the story with “comments” to everyone,
Let’s get excited about your favorite manga!

————————————————– ————–
[Regular subscription]
◆◆ Weekly Shonen Jump subscription◆◆
・Subscription period: One month starting from the billing date ・Subject magazine: “Weekly Shonen Jump” issued within the subscription period
・Target magazine at the time of subscription: The latest issue of “Weekly Shonen Jump” at the time of billing
・Subscription amount: 980 yen
◆◆ Jump SQ. Subscription ◆◆
・Subscription period: One month from the billing date
・Subject magazines: “Jump SQ.” and “Jump SQ. RISE” issued during the subscription period
-Target magazines at the time of subscription start: The latest issue of “Jump SQ.” and the latest issue of “Jump SQ. RISE” at the time of billing
・Subscription amount: 500 yen
◆◆Ultra Jump Subscription◆◆
・Subscription period: One month from the billing date
・Subscribed magazines: “Ultra Jump” issued during the subscription period
・Target magazine at the time of subscription: “Ultra Jump” latest issue
・Subscription amount: 500 yen
◆◆ Termination of subscription ◆◆
・You can stop automatic billing after the next time by canceling the automatic billing registration of Apple ID (iTunes account) within 24 hours before the validity period during registration ends. Please note that there is no stop function in this application.
-The currently registered subscription cannot be stopped during the effective period and will continue until the expiration date.
・If there is a problem with the customer’s payment method at the time of renewing the subscription (automatic billing), or if automatic payment is not made due to a system malfunction on the Apple side, etc. Will cancel/stop. If the subscription period has expired, check the payment method (credit card usage limit/expiration date, iTunes Card balance, etc.) and resubscribe to the subscription within this application. Please register. The day you register for your subscription again will be the new start date.
*Subscriptions will be automatically renewed for each subscription period until you cancel the App Store.
————————————————– ————–
・Privacy policy https://www2.shueisha.co.jp/privacy/privacy.html
・Terms of Service https://zebrack-comic.com/static/terms_of_service.html

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